Clubs and Societies at AURO University


The AADHAR club of AURO UNIVERSITY is a humble initiative of the students and faculties of this university to pay back to the environment and society at large. We can never be cleared off from the debt that nature and environment has accredited to us for zillions of years. However, we can do our bit by lending a hand to the less privileged among us so that they can at the least empower themselves to become good human beings. And good human beings will surely bring peace into this world. Also we aim at combining the idea of social work.

The club aims to rope in interested people who want to lend their hands for the less privileged by a series of fund raising activities and events. Our mission is to convey to the people that “AURO CARES” for everyone.

International Business Management

Art and Design

The Art Club aims to express and explore art in it many creative forms. The art club aims to bring out the inner creativity in every individual. Providing them with a comfortable environment to free themselves and express themselves without being criticised or judged. We aim to achieve the vision by organising various activities and workshops.


Our club is to imbibe dance as a tradition in Auro University. The dance club at Auro University is designed to bring out the hidden dance talents of its students, be it a dancer or a non-dancer. Through this club the committee wants to create a chain of network amongst students where bonds are created through dance.

This club will help students form their own image in college and help them shine bright amongst fellow students. Also, students will be able to develop work ethics and discipline that will not only be associated with dance but with general life skills so that they are nourished in body, mind and spirit.

The objectives to be accomplished by the formation of the club activities would be aimed as follows:-

Digital Builders

Our clubs binary code is to promote knowledge of Information Technology throughout social events, workshops, organize training skills and finally to help the student’s community at AURO University, Surat by providing free services in the Information Technology field.

The IT Club shall use ways and means to expand and enrich the knowledge among not only its members but also to all students who are interested in the innovations in information technology. During their Process of becoming Learners to Leaders they will acquire specific values such as:


The drama club at Auro University is designed to expose students and bring out their inner potential towards professional drama and theatre in various forms to celebrate and record the achievements of our current students and follow our alumni who would go on the study and work in the performing arts.

The mission and objectives to be accomplished by the formation of the club activities would be aimed as follows:-

In order to achieve the mentioned objectives the club would organize a wide range of innovative activities that will step beyond the boundaries of traditional education


Student life is a large part of any college experience. Apart from academics, a sense of entertainment is central to colleges and student DEVELOPEMENT. Music Clubs are very prevalent in colleges and are fast becoming a popular co-curricular activity. Music education can play a vital role in the development of the whole child and their scholastic journey.

The Club’s Vision is: “Music being the epithet of intellect, discipline, emotion and expression”

The Club’s Mission is: “Producing musical maestros of tomorrow”




Psychology – Psynergy

Purpose Statement:

Psynergy is a student-led club that seeks to provide a setting for open discussion of current and past psychological ideas and themes, to host campus wide events to promote psychological knowledge.

We are a club dedicated to the enrichment of knowledge in psychology and related fields and to increased awareness of psychological applications and endeavors in everyday life.

The club will serve the following objectives:

Sports and Adventure

Student life is a large part of any college experience. Apart from academics, a sense of community and entertainment is central to colleges and student retention. Athletic programs also provide non-tangible benefits such as health and wellness promotion for all students. The national and international exposure and visibility gained from a successful athletic department provides huge benefits to colleges.

The vision and mission of AURO SPORTS CLUB is to support college sports with keeping following factors in mind:

1. Stress relief – College students are experiencing a time of their lives when they need to blow off steam. They have what seems at times to be boundless energy, and they need to channel it somewhere. They also require outlets to help them relieve stress. Athletics and physical-fitness activities in general can provide effective ways to channel energy and relieve anxiety. And such activities are certainly better alternatives than drug and alcohol use.
2. Alumni loyalty and involvement – Every college and university wants to build a loyal and involved alumni base that can serve the institution in many ways. One of the most effective routes is to provide opportunities for alumni to serve as advocates and ambassadors, helping create a positive reputation. College athletics tend to keep alumni tied to and involved in the college. An important by product of these connections is the ability of alumni to hire graduates and otherwise assist them as they navigate through their careers.
3. Branding – The quality of an institution’s brand helps determine the kind of students and faculty a college can attract; the resources that can accrue to it; and the general reputation it experiences in the community, state, country—and even the world.

Jus Gentium

Auro Litigious Club


Books and Film Club