Certificate Course on Court Craft and Legal Ethics
School of LAW
8th Jan 2021 to 10th Jan 2021

        In the recent years there has been a great transformation in the legal profession, the age oldpractice of one year mandatory apprenticeship is done way. Today the law students afterpassing out can straight way start practising in the courts. Thus it is expected from lawgraduates to be practice ready professional’s. To full fill this expectation the law graduatesshould be well versed with court craftsmanship. Another expectation from a law graduate iswith respect to standards of professional conduct and etiquettes which is to observed by them.
An advocate is expected to act with utmost sincerity and respect, in all professional functions,an advocate should be diligent and his conduct should also be trust worthy and shouldconform to the requirements of the law. An advocate is under obligation to uphold the rule oflaw and ensure that the public justice system is able to function at its full potential. Toaccomplish the above mentioned expectations School of Law, Auro University has designedan Online certificate course on Court craft and legal ethics an innovative certificate programto make practice ready professional’s and to develop competence that an entry levelpractitioner must have for effective, ethical and responsible participation in the legalprofession.

  • To develop legal awareness about court procedures.
  • To develop the skills of court craftsmanship.
  • To provide a broad overview of functioning of courts in India.
  • To develop the skills required to accomplish pre- trial work.​
  • To gain insights to help prevent professional misconduct in day-to-day practice.
  • The first course of its kinds which integrate court craft with legal ethics
  • The course is delivered by practicing lawyers and highly experienced in house
  • 12 Hours of Live teaching
  • Includes a session on drafting and Pleading by practicing lawyer
  • Interactive training Sessions.
  • Certification from Auro University
  • Module 1 – Legal ethics and Bench and Bar relationship
  • Module 2- Fundamentals Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Evidence Act
  • Module 3- Fundamentals of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act
  • Module 4- Client Counselling
  • Module 5- Drafting and Pleading
  • Legal Professional
  • Law students
  • Law Faculty
  • Any person interested in gaining Knowledge in Law

Faculty of the programme/sessions

Dr. Vrushti Patel

Mr. Aishwarya Sharma

Duration of the programme

The duration of the certificate course will be 3 days

Delivery of the programme

Online mode

Frequency of the programme

Daily for 3 days

Assessment of the programme
The assessment in the course will be done on the basis of objective test and participation in the course.

Cost of the programme(batch or per participant basis)

300rs per participants of the certificate course.