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Master of Law

With an aim of growth of the School of Law in its impact and size, and to stimulate the academic environment intellectually, the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies has been established to conduct the Post Graduate Courses in Law, and to equip the Law graduates with the dynamism to comprehensively understand the fast changing legal scenario all around. The centre is established as per the UGC Notification no. D.0 No. 5-1/99(CPP- II) Dated 18 th January 2013 and offers one year LLM Degree program with two specialisations, in accordance with the UGC guidelines. The centre besides having the commitment to add on to other specializations, as per the need of the hour, also looking forward to conduct the PhD program in Law in near future. It will be run by qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching staff who would contribute in the transformation of a student as a global leader in the field of Law. The faculty members associated with the centre will also be working towards planning and executing the activities like workshops, seminars and training programs to imbibe the expertise and to enhance the skills of the beneficiaries of the centre.

Specializations Offered

  • Intellectual Property Rights [10 seats]
  • Constitutional & Administrative Law [10 seats]

LLM in Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Law are the set of laws meant for the protection of the rights of the humans when they create their original property in the form of discoveries, inventions, designs, literary, musical and artistic works, symbols, words, phrases and images used in business. Due to rapid growth in Industrialisation and globalisation in last few years along with the recognition to the innovative ideas in businesses, the need of protecting such ideas from being exploited commercially by others has grown. As a result, not only the large scale commercial entities, but local businesses are also getting into identifying their intellectual wealth and getting it registered in the form of patents, copyrights or trademarks. To address the needs of such entities, experts having specialised knowledge and skills in the field are required in India and also abroad. LLM with specialised knowledge in Intellectual Property Rights provides an in-depth knowledge in the field as well as develop related skill sets such as litigation on matters of public domain, moral rights, trade secrets, patents, copyrights and other integral topics along with the expertise in drafting IP licenses and carry out IP audits. Introducing the LLM degree in IPR by AURO School of Law is an endeavour to prepare he students of law to explore the carrier options not only as lawyers but also the wide range of opportunities such as Patent analysts, Patent Engineers or agents, Patent / IP consultants/ Advisor, Licensing & Valuation experts, Patent prosecutors, portfolio managers etc.

LLM in Constitutional and Administrative Law

The Law of Constitution is the Supreme Law from which every other law in India derives its validity. It is the backbone of all the Public laws and thus the knowledge of this field strengthens the understanding of a law graduate to appreciate, analyse and critically evaluate the laws of the land. LLM with specialisation in Constitutional and Administrative law is aimed to foster in the students, a meaningful understanding of the basic philosophical tenets of the Indian and the Constitution of other Countries, and to train them in the fundamental legal structures and concepts such as basic rights, rule of law, judicial review, system of governance etc. The course is also an aid to develop legal writing aptitude, possessing research prowess and fluency in drafting the administrative policies engrained with constitutional principles and ethos. An expert in this field is also in demand for NGOs working in the field of protection of fundamental rights, Legal Firms engaged in writ lawyering, Research Institutions and National and International Human Rights Organisations. Besides being an ideal choice for the candidates aspiring for the Judicial and the Civil Services, the expertise in the field also paves the way to become private Constitutional Lawyer, Legal Consultant and practitioner for matters decided before the Quasi-judicial authorities, compliance consultant and the legal educator. AURO School of Law, thus introduced the LLM in Constitutional and Administrative Law, with the dynamic curriculum to cater to the need of all the students opting for any of the career options related to the field.

The area of specialization shall be selected by the aspiring candidates at the time of submission of admission forms. To offer a particular specialization, minimum required student shall be 5.

Applications will be shortlisted based on:

  • Past academic credentials.
  • Completion of Application Form including Statement of Purpose.
  • Personal Interview.
To get the admission in the one year LLM Program, the candidate should-

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in Law (3 year or 5 year degree) with at-least 50% marks. Those who have appeared in the final year exam of the above mentioned UG Degree program and awaiting their results can also apply. The admission of such candidates will be subject to the fulfilling of the eligibility criteria within the stipulated time.
  • Have the score of CLAT/LSAT exam conducted on the all India basis for the admission in LLM Program or, Have the score of Entrance exam conducted by the AURO University on the CLAT pattern.
  • Shall appear before the interview Panel formed by the Center.
  • The admission shall be given according to the merit list made on the basis of the test scores and the interview.