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P.G. Diploma in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is one of the applied components of Data Analytics. The decisions in today’s scenario are data driven. Business Analytics refers to the tools applied to transform the data into better insights, aimed improving the quality of decisions. In today’s world, data is available in a huge variety of forms. The nature of data is no more confined to structured numeric form. Data in today’s scenario comprise numbers, texts, pictures, audio, video and a combination of all these. The source of these data are online shopping sites, social media, googling the terms for search etc. You might have experienced at times that the advertisement that appears on the side bar of your e-mail or as a sponsored link on Instagram or as a feed in the Facebook is very much customized to your current need / interest. All these is because the algorithms of e-mail / FB / Instagram servers do the analytics in the background. Ranging from how you will look when you turn 90 or which celebrity resembles you, is all possible because of analytics.

Business Analytics help the business houses to get a better estimate of product demand, prospective buyers, change in fashions / trends that will have a direct bearing on the profits. These estimates can also be helpful to the businesses in devising effective marketing strategies. Apart from this, insights into the attrition patterns can help devise a sound HR strategy. Data Analytic tools are so developed that they analyse the past data in such a way that the accuracy of the forecasts is increased. The Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics is designed to train the students in the areas of their interests such that they can apply analytics tools to the data of their organizations to make better decisions in their respective functional areas.

PGD in Business Analytics Courses in India


  • To give an idea of the Big Data and its use for Business Decision Making
  • To give hands-on training on important analytics software like R and Python
  • To train the students to make use of tools for discerning patterns and examining relationships, technical called data mining and machine learning

Programme Highlights

  • Applications of Business Analytics tools in three major functional areas: Finance, Marketing and Human Resources
  • Practical learning approach
  • Hands-on training for R and Python
  • Guest Faculties and Industry Experts
  • Opportunity to work on live problems
  • Exposure to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Programme Outcomes

The students passing out the Post-Graduate Diploma will be:
  • Equipped to undertake data mining / machine learning problem with the industry
  • Able to provide consultation on Business Analytics to business organizations
  • Capable of developing their own codes / algorithms for data analytics tools
  • Aware about the confidentiality and privacy of data used for business decision making

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from a recognized University with a minimum of 50% percent marks. Those who have appeared for their bachelor’s degree exam may also apply. The admission, if offered, will be provisional subject to fulfilment of minimum percentage criteria.

Selection Procedure

Selection will be based on Interview. However, the admission committee will have the discretion to admit any other candidate having recognized Bachelor Degree but has required competence level to pursue this course.


* Major / Minor Electives will be offered only after minimum number of students subscribe to the course / courses.

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