AURO Merit Scholarships (Applicable for the Academic session 2020-21):

Post Graduate Program:

Eligibility for Scholarship :

Grade Obtained
Scholarship Percentage
More Than 90%

Scholarship percentage will be applicable and calculated on first semester tuition fee amount only

The scholarship from second semester onwards will be governed by the University’s Student Performance based Scholarship Programme.

For Master of Business Administration students, any student scoring above 90 percentiles in a National Level entrance examination(CAT/MAT/XAT) shall be eligible for 25% of Scholarship on tuition fee irrespective of his / her score in the graduation.

Undergraduate Programs:

Eligibility for Scholarship :

Grade Obtained
Scholarship Percentage

100% scholarship available for students who have topped the examination at the given Board at the National/District or Metro Level..

Sports Scholarship:
AURO University encourages the meritorious students who have excelled in the sports. The category of sports scholarship as follows:-
Students Represented
Scholarship Percentage
State Level
5% in first semester
National Level
10% in first semester
  • This is applicable for admissions to the Under Graduate or Post Graduate Program as the case may be, as refereed above.
  • The scholarship from second semester onwards will be governed by the University’s Student Performance based Scholarship Programme.

University’s Student Performance Based Scholarship Programme

AURO University of Hospitality and Management, Surat, Gujarat has planned to introduce the scholarship programme to those students who could not get any scholarship programme but done fairly well in the Semester Exam.

The scholarship structure as follows.

Letter GradeMarksGrade PointGrade Point Average (Performance   based eligibility for scholarship from second semester onwards)
O (OUTSTANDING)≥95 – <100 %10O 35%  (9.91    -9.95),  50% (9.96 – 10.00)
A+ (EXCELLENT)≥80 – <95 %9.25 – 9.90A+25%
A (VERY GOOD)≥70 – <80 %8.50 – 9.24A15%

No scholarship will be awarded to any student scoring less than 8.50 GPA in any semester

  1. Further, to add, the above scholarship will not be given to the student if the student has a Re-sit in any exam for that particular semester. However, he/she will be entitled to apply for scholarship in next semesters provided he qualifies the criteria laid down for scholarship by the University.
  2. The calculation of the performance will be semester wise.
  3. No scholarship will be awarded to any student enrolling at AURO University under Lateral Entry. 
  4. No scholarship will be awarded to any student enrolling at AURO University having a gap in his education after the last qualifying examination and his current year of enrollment. Such students are eligible to receive scholarship from subsequent semester onwards and will be governed by the University’s Student Performance based Scholarship Program.
  5. The Scholarship Committee will have final authority to grant the fee waivers. The decision of Scholarship Committee will be final and binding.

Need-Based Financial Aid:

AURO University, Surat (Gujarat), established under Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009, envisions ‘To be a Premier University of Integral and Transformational Learning for Future Leaders’. Grounded in value based education, the University subscribes to an integral approach in education with focus on holistic development—physical, vital, mental and spiritual, as propounded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In order to provide support to meritorious students from financially challenged background, Auro University offers full as well as partial Need Based Scholarships to qualified meritorious candidates, both domestic and international. These Scholarships are intended to support those candidates who have the desire and competency to pursue higher education but due to financial inability of their family find it difficult to pursue their dreams of their quality higher education.

Candidates seeking financial aid must provide evidence of financial need as per the eligibility criteria stated above. They may be asked to submit additional information during the application review process. At the time of final selection by the Financial Aid Committee, preference will be given to candidates residing in rural areas, and those who have limited access to loans. The following documents needs to be submitted with the application form.

Specific Criteria for eligibility include:

  • 75% minimum in the qualifying exam
  • Up to Rs. 5,00,000 annual family income

AURO University’s Need-based financial aid will be granted to those talented applicants who demonstrably face significant difficulties in raising sufficient finances for the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs. Priority will be given to candidates with a marked socio-economic disadvantage. To be considered for any of these forms of financial aid, candidates shall be required to adhere to the processes and eligibility criteria outlined below: –

  • Outstanding students who have scored a minimum of 75% marks in their qualifying exams,
  • Candidates coming from financially challenged backgrounds, and
  • Candidates whose gross family income is below Rs. 5,00,000/- per annum, can apply for need-based financial aid at AURO University.

The amount of financial aid will depend on a verification of their need, and the academic promise the students display. At its maximum, the funding may cover tuition fees, book charges as well as the costs of hostel room and boarding expenses, as the case may be. The Financial Support Programme Committee will determine the annual quantum of this aid per student based on its assessment of each application submitted. The total financial aid available per year will be as per the amount allocated in the approved annual University budget, which may vary from year to year. There is no guarantee that the University will be able to support all eligible applicants.

  • The students who will avail financial support under the Programme will help the University with their contribution of certain hours of help with University administration, faculty or Schools.
  • The candidate will have to give an undertaking in writing that they would support/ sponsor at least 2 students of financially challenged once they get settled in their career after their higher education.
  • The decision of the University will be final in this regards.