Date Weninar School Panalist #
22 Apr, 2020 Impact of Corona on Indian Economy School of Business Prof. Vaidyanathan, Dr Monika Suri,Dr Rohit Singh
23 Apr, 2020 G.S.T. – Overview School of LAW Dr. Rohit Singh, Dr. Shilpi Sharma, CA Avinash Poddar
24 Apr, 2020 Cyberspace and Society: Building immunity in digital world School of Mass communication Mr Saumil Shah, Prof Shyam Parekh, Dr Rohit Singh
24 Apr, 2020 Opportunities for the Youth in Hotel and Restaurant Sector post-COVID 19 School of Hospitality Mr. Sanat Relia, Mr. K’Kul Relia, and Mr. Fenil Relia
25 Apr, 2020 Developing Web API using ASP.Net School of IT Mr. Ankesh Maradia
25 Apr, 2020 Mental Hygiene and mental well-being in the times of Covid Cyberspace and Society: Building immunity in digital world School of Mass communication Dr S L Vaya, Prof shyam Parekh, Dr Rohit Singh
25 Apr, 2020 Effects on Business: Still some business may be making profits? which are they? School of Business Mr. Viresh Rudalal
26 Apr, 2020 Storying the Anthropocene: Literature and the Environment School of Liberal Arts Prof Claudia Egerer
26 Apr, 2020 Understanding Science to survive Covid and beyond School of Mass communication Mr Samir Shukla, Prof Shyam Parekh, Dr Rohit Singh
26 Apr,2020 Moot Court Training and Development AURO Litigiosus Committee Mr. Saunak Rajgur, Mr. Urmil Shah,Mr. Krishna Sharma
27 Apr, 2020 Career post Covid-19, for B-School Students School of Business Monika Navandar
28 Apr, 2020 Using carbon dioxide as an application in organic Chemistry & “Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” School of Sciences Dr. Sandeep S. Gholap, Dr. Nirav Joshi
28 Apr, 2020 What Does an Interviewer Look for in a Candidate Career Development Cell Dr Urjit Kavi,Ms Rucha Gandhi, Dr. Monika Suri
29 Apr, 2020 Cyber Security Threats School of IT Dr. B.P. Singh, Dr. Akhilesh Latoria, Mr. Sanjay Sharma
29 Apr, 2020 Trends and Careers in Mixology School of Hospitality Ms. Gisela D’Souza, Mr. Sachin Bhat
29 Apr, 2020 Amul Supply Chain during COVID 19 pandemic School of Business Dr. Rupinder Singh Sodhi, Managing Director GCMMFLtd. , Amul Anand
30 Apr, 2020 Machine Learning – Introduction and Applications School of IT Mr. Bhaumik Vaidya,Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Akhilesh Latoria
30 Apr, 2020 Perspectives Post COVID 19 AURO University Mr. Sundeep Waslekar, Prof. Rajan Welukar
30 Apr, 2020 Relevance of Sri Aurobindo’s Vision for The Future AURO University Padmashri Ganesh Devy
1 May, 2020 Getting ready for the knowledge era AURO University Mr. Anil Kakodkar, Prof. Rajan Welukar, Prof. Rohit Singh
1 May, 2020 Transport Protocols in Direct storage systems School of IT Mr. Devesh Rai, Mr. Devesh Rai , Dr. Sudarshan Goswami
2 May, 2020 Imagining the Post-Coranavirus World” School of Liberal Arts
3 May, 2020 Imagining the Post-Coranavirus World School of Liberal Arts
4 May, 2020 Application of Single-Chip computer for IT Innovations School of IT Prof. Suman Deb
4 May, 2020 Surviving COVID 19 – A perspective for Hotels and Restaurants School of Hospitality Dr. Sudhir Andrews,Mr. Rakesh Mathur, Mr. Suresh Kumar, Mr. Suresh Mathur
4 May, 2020 Introduction to Drawing Cartoons School of Design Ar. Abhijit Pariyal
5 May, 2020 Gandhi Modernity and COVID 19 Auro University Mr. Tushar Gandhi, Great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
5 May, 2020 Unsure about where the start-up industry is heading towards? School of Design Ms. Devina Kothari ,Prof. Krishna Shastri
5 May, 2020 Rule of Law and Writ Jurisdiction in India School of Law Justice C. K. Thakker
6 May, 2020 Future Ahead in Psychology Psychology Dept Dr. Gayathri Balasubramaniam
6 May, 2020 Structured Project Management- key to transform your business School of Business Mr Samrat Bose.Mr. Sanjay Punjabi ,Mr Niraj Desai
7 May, 2020 New Skill Sets for emerging opportunities in International Financial Services Centre at GIFT City School of Business Mr. Dipesh Shah
7 May, 2020
Panel Discussion on Learners to Leaders – AUROX Talk”
School of Business “Ms. Anamika Agrawal,
Ms. Mahak Dugar, etc.”
7 May, 2020 “Thinking Hands and learning minds (Introduction to
Origami – the art of folding planes)”
School of Design Ar. Vicky Achnani, Ar. Priyanka Thakur
7 May, 2020 Law as a Career: AURO X Speaks school of Law Ms. Prachi Patel, Ms. Krusha Bhatt etc.
8 May, 2020 SMILE is the Mantra against COVID-19 Auro University Dr. Hetal Sanjanwala
8 May, 2020 Exploring current trends in Software Technology Schooll of IT Mr. Nachiket Patel, Dr. Akhilesh Latoria, Dr Bhanupratap Singh
8 May, 2020 “Trends in cooking during lockdown” School of Hospitality Ms. Dolcee Bachkaniwala, Ms. Ekta Bhargava
8 May, 2020 The Art of Tinkering – Ways to Transform Stress into Strength AURO Centre of Counseling and Wellbeing Ms. Veena Vaishy
8 May, 2020 Social Enterprise:Creating responsible Business Model SOB Mr Amit Jain
8 May, 2020 “Travelling without moving (Introduction to design
through models and drawings)”
School of Design Ar. Vicky Achnani, Ar. Priyanka Thakur
9 May, 2020 SPSS for beginners School of Business Dr. Anil Maisurya
9 May, 2020 Software Engineering In The Cloud School of IT Dr. Sunil Kumar, Mrs. Juhi Khengar
9 May, 2020 Woven Into The World : An Alternative view of Design. School of Design Mr. Neelkanth Chhaya, Prof. Krishna Shastri
9 May, 2020 Role of a Leader in Challenging Times Auro University Mr Chetan Tamboli
11 May, 2020 MBA 2022 – Learners to Leaders Auro University Dr. Monika Suri
11 May, 2020 Time for a Reset School of Design Dr. Upendra Raval
11 May, 2020 Modern aspects of Victimology School of law Advocate Mitesh Amin
12 May, 2020 DevOps Focusing on Ops Part School of IT Mr. Joginder Singh, Dr. Akhilesh Latoria, Dr. Anshu Agarwal
12 May, 2020 Designing with Nature School of Design Ar. Yatin Pandya
13 May, 2020
Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotional branding & Subliminal Messaging”
School of Business Dr Manas K Mandal
13 May, 2020 Women Warriors: Roles & Contributions -During and Post Covid19 Pandemic School of Business Mr. Nihharr Saraswala ,Dr Mukur Petrolwala, Ms. Reshma Shah , Dr. Jyoti Joshi
14 May, 2020 Impact of COVID-19 on hospitality industry: Challenges and its revival School of Hospitality Mr. Chandrabir Singh, Mr. Mathol Singh
14 May, 2020 How to Manage your Personal Finances during Covid-19 School of Business Mr. Chandrabir Singh, Mr. Mathol Singh
15 May, 2020 Market Outlook and Investment Strategy School of Business Gaurav Dua
15 May, 2020 ” Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo “ Auro University Dr. R. Subramon
15 May, 2020 Opportunities and Challenges for Startups & Entrepreneurship Post Covid-19 CDC & School of Business Mr Ninad Karpe
15 May, 2020
Global Take on Pandemic Effects within the Hospitality Sector: Deliberating the way forward.”
School of Hospitality Mr. DJ Rama
16 May, 2020 ERP Systems-New Dimension Technologies School of IT Mr. Suresh Kumar Ahuja
16 May, 2020 How to build resume as a law student school of Law Ms. Manushi Desai
16 May, 2020 New Age Skills for Careers in Hospitality Industry School of Hospitality Mr Tushar Abrol, Ms Khushbu Sneha
16 May, 2020 Learn Art of Building Professional Network CDC Mr Syed Mohsin Raja, Ms Surabhi, CA Praveen Toshniwal
18 May, 2020 Compassionate Education AURO University Ms. Suchitra Sarda
18 May, 2020 Reviving the Business POST -Lockdown & Relevant Business Strategies School of Business “Nihharr Saraswala
– Dr Parul
– Dr Mukul
– Kamlesh Yagnik
– Dinesh Navadiya”
19 May, 2020 “Blockchain Technology- Opportunities and Challenges” School of IT Mr. Revanth Mudidana
19 May, 2020 Re-inventing Future Products post CoVid-19 School of Design Mr. Somesh Singh
20 May, 2020 Health, Healing and Sanskrit AURO University Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
20 May, 2020 Career Opportunities for Hospitality in the New Era: Post Covid Schoo of Hospitality Dr Sanjeev Kumar Saxena, Mr Sushil Joshi
21 May,2020 My SMART Goals & Career – Post 12th std AURO University Dr. Monika Suri
21 May,2020 Move from Ambition to Vision AURO University Mr. Amit Kalra
22 May,2020 Shift in the paradigm: Integral education AURO University Dr. Kiran Singh
23 May,2020 “How Content Writing can be a part of Career Building” School of IT Mr. Kandarp
23 May,2020 Future of Digital Journalism in Language Diverse India – Post Covid-19 Perspective SoJMC “Ms. Rupa Jha, Head of Indian Language for BBC World Service.

23 May,2020 Diabetes, yoga & weight loss naturally Auro University Dr Jagannnath Dixit
25 May,2020 Stock Exchange Operations and Opportunities in Financial Markets School of Business Mr. Ashish Goyal,Mr. Nainish Jhaveri,Mr. Soumyajyoti Guha
25 May,2020 Effect of covid 19 on public and private universities of India Auro University Mr Abhinav B Gogoi
27 May,2020 Tools for Supervisors to Measure and Improve Productivity Auro University Mr Atul Garg
28 May,2020 “knowledge about “”Digital Forensic: The Fascinating world of Digital Evidences.””
School of IT Dr. Nilakshi Jain
28 May,2020 Gandhi, Hinduism and Humanity School of liberal Art Prof Faisal Devji
28 May,2020 Towards a Learning Society SAILC Sri Lalit Bhati
29 May,2020 Space to Ace – Inclusive Rational Approach AURO Centre of Counseling and Wellbeing Mrs. Gauri Hirwe Nilakantan
29 May,2020 “Baking from Home”: A Rewarding Career School of Hospitality Ms. Mansi Khatlawala, Ms. Arusha Relan, Ms. Komal Patel
30 May,2020 Creative and Constructive Solutions to Navigate Crisis AURO University Ms. Rashi Bunny
2 Jun,2020 Mindful Living AURO Centre of Counseling and Wellbeing Mrs. Neha Verma
2 Jun,2020 Explore your opportunities in scientific space by discussing it School of Science Prof. Rohit Singh
3 Jun,2020 100th Webinar of AURO Webinar series: Higher Education – New Challenges and perspectives. Auro University Ms. Anju Sharm
3 Jun,2020 Role of Spirituality and Spiritual Values in Education, Justice & Society Auro University Dr K. Parameswaran
4 Jun,2020 ” Ayurveda for a healthy life” Auro University Mr. Debiprasad Pramanik
4 Jun,2020 Future of IoT and AI School of IT Dr. Saikat Gochhait
4 Jun,2020 Summer Internship Program by Harappa Education CDC Ms Shashiprabha Gupta
5 Jun,2020 “International webinar on Sports Culture in India” Physical Education & Sports Dr. Pinar,Dr. Viswanath Sundar,Dr. Neeta BANDYOPADHYAY,Dr. Rina Poonia,Dr. Kapil Dave
6 Jun,2020 “International webinar on Sports Culture in India” Physical Education & Sports Dr. Pinar,Dr. Viswanath Sundar,Dr. Neeta BANDYOPADHYAY,Dr. Rina Poonia,Dr. Kapil Dave
5 Jun,2020 Cross Skilling for Managing Job Rotations Auro University Mr Atul Garg
6 Jun,2020 “Exploring a Career in Hospitality Industry” School of Hospitality Mr. Vimal A Shukla
6 Jun,2020 Career Guidance workshop/session Admission Team Dr. Rohit Singh, Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharya
8 Jun,2020 Integral Education in Higher Education SAILC Sri Debashish Banerji, Sri Cornilson Matthiajis
8 Jun,2020 Interactive Career guidance workshop Admission Dept Mr Rohan Nanavati
9 Jun,2020 Data Science: Need and Necessity of Global Businesses School of IT Dr Sudarshan Goswam
9 Jun,2020 Necessity of higher education and scientific research in India School of Science Professor Somaditya Sen
10 Jun,2020 Graphology and Forensics of Conciliation School of Law Ms. Mitika S Desai
10 Jun,2020 IPR focussing on ‘Compulsory Licensing in India School of Law
Dr. Meera Sharma”
11 Jun,2020 Managing Losses via Visual Control Auro University Mr Atul Garg
11 Jun,2020 Deep Dive Into The Front End Technologies School of IT Mr Manthan Bhatt
12 Jun,2020 Unlocking of libraries and museums in Post-Pandemic times Auro University Erik Boekesteijn,Saska Tarandova,Prof. Sherif Shaheen, Mr. Craig Middleton
12 Jun,2020 “Judiciary and Digital Learning” School of Law Dr. Jyotsna Yagnik
13 Jun,2020 G.S.T. for beginners school of Business Mr. Gaurangbhai Hindocha
13 Jun,2020 “The Eventscape 2020 Onwards…
New Avenues, New Opportunities in the Experiential World”
school of Business Ms. Sushma Gaikwad, Mr. Sabbas Joseph
13 Jun,2020 Career guidance workshop Admission Dept Dr. Meghna Dangi
15 Jun,2020 The Force of Aesthetics: Literature, Knowledge, War Liberal Arts and Human Science Prof Anders Endberg-Pedersen
16 Jun,2020 Work Life Balance- Cancle CDC Mr Anil Ramnani
16 Jun,2020 Foundation of Blockchain and Applications School of IT Dr. Chirag N. Mod
16 Jun,2020 Interactive Career guidance workshop Auro University Dr Tannu Narang
17 Jun,2020 Introduction to Business Analytics: Communicating with Data School of Business Dr Sameer Rohadia
18 Jun,2020 Lightweight Cryptography for Securing IoT Devices School o fIT Mr Vishal Thakor
19 Jun,2020 Conducting Work Studies & Work Sampling for Productivity Auro University Mr Atul Garg
20 Jun,2020 Patisserie Skills School of Hospitality Management Chef Amit Vohra
21 Jun,2020 International Day of Yoga Celebration 2020 Auro university
23 Jun,2020 Mobile Apps Development using React Native Framework School of IT Mr. Pawan Sharma
23 Jun,2020 “Covid -19 – What’s ahead for UG students?
Auro University “Mr Santosh Gokhe

26 Jun,2020 ” Embracing Masculine and Ms. Nilima Bhat
Feminine Power in Business”
Ms. Nilima Bhat
25 Jun,2020 Improving Work Attitude and Discipline in Workforce CDC Mr Atul Garg
27 Jun,2020 Information Security Opportunities and Challenges School of IT Mr. Rajneesh Mishra