Career Development

At AURO University a career is not just an output of an academic intervention but a unique methodology that combines a deeper understanding of ones self, an appreciation and study of the environment and a deeper look at the purpose of making a career. The Model we follow is personalized and customized job searches for our students wherein every student has the opportunity to look for a diverse range of opportunities that are a culmination of their inherent talent, inbuilt tendencies and their aspirations for progress.

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The Career Development Cell consists of the following services:

  • Internship & Live Project Opportunities – This service allows students to enroll for internships which may or may not be a part of the academic progression. In addition we offer students the opportunity to work with organisations on Live projects that deal with the live application of learning.
  • Career Guidance – This service enables any student to approach for questions regarding what they should do and how they can plan and design their career path over the course of time at the University.
  • Counselling – At the juncture that most of our students are, there are a lot of fears, confusions and questions regarding the future and what one wants. We offer counselling and assessments for all students to get deeper answers and the professional support for their growth.
  • Placements – The Career Development Cell also works with the Industry and brings to the students the various employment opportunities available.
  • Student Development – In the course of students tenure at the University there may be many different interventions required to get effective in areas of language, communication, public speaking, soft and technical skills that may be beyond the bounds of the curriculum which are handled by the CDC

The effort at AURO University is to create leaders who are not only great citizens of India but are also individuals with a sense of ethic, responsibility and capabilities

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