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Integral philosophy of life constitutes the core of the vision of Auro University. The present century has increasingly realised the integrality of all elements in the universe and interrelatedness of lives in all forms. Tim Cook speaks about maintaining balance between science and the humanities:

If science is a search in the darkness, then the humanities are a candle that shows where we have been and the danger that lies ahead. It is technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that makes our hearts sing.

The function of liberal arts and human sciences is to bring the questions of values—human and literary– in focus.

Liberal Arts and Human Sciences nurture human vision whereas sciences ascertain provision for human civilization. Both complement each other through integral approach. School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences is launched with this vision in view, and follows interdisciplinary and comparative approach in its courses and pedagogical processes. The curricula include foundation courses in integral education, history and philosophy, leading to specialization in Shri Aurobindo Studies, Economics, Psychology, English, Fine Arts, Public policy, History, Sociology and Film studies among others.

Its courses are taught by distinguished faculty from India and abroad and aim at inculcating comprehensive understanding of the works and teachings of Indian and Western thinkers and writers like Valmiki, Ved Vyasa, Shakespeare, Sri Aurobindo, Plato, Aristotle, and modern social science thinkers from diverse domains as well.

School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences has incorporated the experiential learning programs alongside the academic curriculum, which provides its students an opportunity to correlate theory with reality and imbibe the essence of integral learning. Students have the opportunity to access these experiential learning programs through concurrent field visits, the Explore India Program (EIP) and the advanced level Summer Internship Projects (SIP). Through these programmes, students are able to reflect and enhance their experiences.

The School strives to manifest talents of its learners as integral thinkers, academicians, administrators, creative writers, artists, social scientists, film critics and translators and above all good human beings.


The vision of the School is to nurture integral perspective in our learners and transform them as integral thinkers and leaders.


To bring the questions of value – human and literary – in focus


  1. Global exposure through faculty mentorship and internship
  2. Presence of foreign faculty
  3. Opportunity to grow by taking part in international events organized by the School
  4. International  students’ exchange programme and summer/winter school within India and outside
  5. Enriching career opportunities

Other Information

Projects undertaken by the students

  • Aesthetics & Culture (under the guidance of Dr Om Dwivedi)
  • Precarity (under the guidance of Dr Om Dwivedi)